Starship Troopers Helmet

Starship Troopers German Division use your PPE and stay safe

starship troopers german division

Starship Troopers German Division performs some live action - discovering a bughole

starship troopers german division bughole

Starship Troopers German Division performs some live action - roping down

starship troopers german division ropedown starship troopers german division hauser starship troopers german division trooper

Here is shown the M3 helmet known from the movie "Starship Troopers" (1997). It was sculpted from scatch, performed as a wooden modell by slicing technique (see one picture here, white colored). The casts from this model are made of two layer GRP (glass-reinforced polyester). The helmet is colored already within the mold, the color RAL7024 is used for it. The small black ear covers are 3d printed parts. The chin cup is also made from scratch by an own sculpt, it differs from the appearance of the orignal ones. The chin strap and their closure differs also from original. Here are used two standard buckles for 20mm belts. The chinstrap is removable on both sides. For the inner padding of the helmet is used any tactical helmet padding which could be grabbed on Ebay. Except the padding directly used on the lower edge of the helmet - this is also own sculpt and casted in flexible foam. The casted helmet version offers no ballistical protection. The weight of the helmet in summary is about 900 gramm. Therefore it is optimal to use it for fun stuff like ComicCons, LARP or sports activity. The helmet is part of the standard equipment of the Starship Troopers German Division.

starship troopers helmet


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