Eyes straight out and standing still! The Starship Troopers German Division as "Special Guest"at the German-American Folk Festival in Grafenwöhr

salute in grafenwöhr

As always, it involved a lot of preparation to be optimally equipped and ready to go at such a large party with such a highly frequented stream of visitors. But as always, our Chief had everything under control. He, as an organizational talent and troop leader, drummed up some of the troopers (Klaus, Alexandra, Mascha, Richy, Marcel, Christopher) and gave the signal to gather. With complete equipment including Morita, marching luggage & the troop flag, we went towards Grafenwöhr to the training area.

Arrived in Grafenwöhr, the troopers gathered and drove together in the direction of the passport control. Basically one could have thought to be at a real border control in order to enter another country. In fact, it was similar. It was not allowed to bring large bags, pouches or cool boxes. Visitors and show acts without a valid identity card or passport were not allowed on the military premises and were immediately sent back.

Both the American military police and the German police carried out extensive checks on persons and vehicles. They were very thorough and not for fun. In uniform and armed to the teeth, they were respected accordingly. Some of the Troopers were particularly in the focus of the military police, since your moritas made no difference to a real one.

"The mobile infantry has made us, who we are!"

combat missiong

Arriving at the allocated parking lot, everything was unpacked and prepared for the long day ahead. Our guide "Tim Berry ", who only spoke English, provided us with a lot of important information, led us through the area, took over the organisation on the area and showed us the way to the camp by meeting the 501st German Garrison (Star Wars Costume Club).


Then everything went very fast, the German Starship Troopers slipped into their uniforms, did a safety check, examined & checked their moritas. Now it was time for the Mobile Infantry to line up their weapons:

"This is for the new of you, there's only one rule with me. Everybody has to fight, nobody is shirking! Whoever does not fulfill his duty will be shot! Have you understood that ?"

It started a great but exhausting day with a very exciting "Walking Act" & photo shootings at the US base. The Startship Troopers prepared and formatted themselves. In rank and file we went from the camp to the festival area. The first walking act has already begun. In the midst of the crowds of people who stopped in amazement & took photos or selfies together with the Troopers. Also the American military police didn't want to let it be taken and took a photo with us.


Children who got big shining eyes and shouted:

"Daddy,look who the fighters are?""Son,these are the Starship Troopers German Division!"

After the first walking act we went to the big stage in the marquee. The Chief took the microphone and animated the guests to have themselves photographed with the Starship Troopers German Division. At first hesitantly, then came more and more and did not want to miss the spectacle. Adults, children, men, women. Everyone really enjoyed it and we were a little bit proud.

Grafenwöhr Stage German-American Friendship Festival

Then the troops set off with all the equipment to position themselves at the military exhibition. Here the German Armed Forces and the US Army showed, as every year, together a big weapons and equipment show. Between tanks, like the "Leopard", "Marder" or the "Apache" combat helicopter, the Starship Troopers could not be missing and had to take a stand."I am Doing my part!"

The helmets with the mirror visors were classified as disturbing and respect instilling, especially if we appeared in the team. The Moritas were considered to be real weapons. To observe such reactions was simply unique.

Starship Troopers German Division

Our photographer was always there, animated the adults and took away the children's fear so that a common photo could be taken and the guests were included. The spectators obviously enjoyed it. At every shooting that was carried out with us, a new group of visitors immediately formed, eager and curious to get involved.

We were also amazed by the great feedback from the visitors when Marcel started shooting the video at the military exhibition. "Wow" they not only present themselves live, they also shoot"! Or "Where can I watch it, would I really be interested"? "Do you really shoot with real weapons? And some more questions. A good view, the right capture of the scenes and of course a good camera. The rest was just routine for Marcel.

Video Shooting Trooper Marcel

By the way, you can find the video of Marcel here:

Starship Troopers in GTA Grafenwöhr

The military training area was getting fuller and fuller. There was a lot of music, burger & hot dog smell was in the air, the rides invited to get in and there were lots of American & German guests crowding through the training area. At 15 o'clock then the common Walking Act, with the 501st German Garrison on the fairground. Afterwards a big photo shooting was done with the whole troupe. It was simply gigantic & exciting at the same time. We were all celebrated, appreciated & also admired.


It was a great experience, an incredibly intensive event day with unforgettable impressions in a great atmosphere. We had a lot of fun with a mega stage, so that we won't forget for sure.

At present we are already planning the next gigs or walking acts.

Written by: Elke Brandl