Starship Troopers at Runterra 2018

Fascination cross-run

Cross-run races are becoming more and more popular in order to make running more exciting, interesting and challenging, in order to expand and expand one's own training.


Only those who risk going too far can find out how far they can go!

Here also the whole physical employment is in demand, since there are a lot of obstacles to overcome and much perseverance needs, in order to defeat the internal pig dog. Because the cross run consists of strong concentration, good coordination, concentrated effort and not to forget the most important thing is "teamwork".

Yes, precisely because without the help of comrades, team colleagues, some obstacles become endless torments of hell and can almost not be overcome, or only with the greatest effort. Also the Runterrra Race, which was delayed on 22.09.18 with 50 impressive obstacles, is one of these cross-courses in Zirndorf, which is absolutely not to be underestimated and should not be smiled at.


The proverb "pride comes before a fall" has a completely different meaning and should be taken seriously. The Starship Trooper Team, which has set itself the task of overcoming the obstacles in full combat equipment, also arrived on this day and set itself the goal of going to their limits, fighting and reaching the finish line as a team finisher.

The goal was not to lose any comrades, to support them at any time and not to leave anybody behind at an obstacle.

The pain will go, the pride remains

Meeting point of the troop, which consisted of Steffen, Richy, Klaus Martin, Jörg, Jakob, Laura, Benny and Chris, gathered around 12.30 p.m. at the parking lot in front of the start and finish line to prepare, change and slip into the uniforms. To prepare shoes and trousers with adhesive tape, to fasten the starting number to the armor and it could not be missing the storm troop flag, which was firmly fastened to a wooden stick.

Prepare for battle against water, mud, obstacles, and other comrades to come.

At 14.30 it was time to line up at the starting line, warm up with a few exercises and then it all started. Together with a thousand other crazy and crazy people, the Starship Trooper Team went back to the starting line.

Now the starting signal fell and all participants ran away

The first obstacle was to be seen already at the starting point, it was to be overcome a high Escaladier wall, in order to come at all on the run distance. Even here it became clear that "teamwork" had to be the order of the day. When everyone made it over the wall, the torture of the cross-country race really started.

Run if you can, go if you have to, robbe if necessary. But never give up!

Over 8 km and 50 obstacles it went through the forest and into the open terrain. Uphill, downhill, whether mud pits, sand pits, gravel paths, ice-cold water holes, deep mud holes, meter-high hay bales, a tank to overcome and various training units such as truck tires roll or on boxes ten times up and down jump, a wall along shimmy and much more. It was all there and you ask yourself "Why, why am I doing this to myself? The Runterra organizer has come up with some ideas to make sure that the Starship Trooper's comrades don't get bored and reach their limits.


Nobody knows where his limits lie as long as he hasn't tried!

They had to cross from shangling over ropes stretched in trees to the water slide in the ice-cold river. There was no mercy, as there were also some trill instructors at the training sessions, who watched carefully to make sure that we did the exercises correctly.

One of the worst obstacles is crossing the ice-cold water. In the beginning the cooling down is especially good for the tired legs, but after a few meters either calves start to cramp, you start to freeze slowly and yearn more and more for the end. Now you only have to dive through obstacles to get to the shore as fast as possible and continue walking.

No break & don't give up" always further. Let's go comrades!


Every muscle already burns, it is cold, wet & dirty, the sand in the shoe rubs against the skin. The equipment and clothing, which sometimes suffered heavy injuries, is getting heavier and heavier, you also have pain in parts of your body that you didn't even know existed.

Psychic and mental exhaustion also slowly set in and tries to force everyone to their knees. But the goal is not far anymore and the comrades, as well as the cheering of the other runners make again strong, exactly that gives to each individual

Soon done! Now the last challenge has to be overcome with the last strength: "The steep face". The very last obstacle still had to be overcome. With iron will and completely finished we made it as a team through the finish line.


We don't just talk about sport, we also live it as comrades!

Written by: Elke Brandl